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Welcome to the official website of The Pennsylvania Paranormal Association™.  The PPA is a professional, paranormal resolution group established to investigate and resolve claims of paranormal activity. Our highly experienced investigators come from a variety of professional occupations and have been featured as regular guests on Destination America's series, The Haunted.  Going beyond the physical investigation, our goal is to utilize and study the abilities of credible psychic mediums at active locations, focusing on spirit removal and metaphysical methods of reducing activity. Based out of Northeastern Pennsylvania and helping hundreds of people, The PPA has developed into one of the finest resolution teams in the country.  We have counselors on staff, including a certified EMDR Therapist specializing in emotional trauma resolution for severe cases and a Licensed Clinical Psychologist for consultation and counseling on specific cases concerning psychic sensitivities, psyc consults and paranormal related stress in children.

Working from the principle, "A Realistic Alternative Explanation", The PPA uses all available resources to come up with logical answers for unexplained or unusual activity while keeping in mind that a haunting may be taking place. By taking a comprehensive, investigative approach, The PPA strives to separate the normal from the paranormal to better inform our clients of our findings and bring the best possible resolution to the client's requests and concerns. In an effort to maximize our services, we are continually developing a network of credible and well experienced investigators across the state and beyond to assist our clients as needed.


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The PPA is an all volunteer group that dedicates their time and resources to helping others in a unique way but travel and equipment costs can add up.  If you are interested in helping our cause of helping other people and would like to make a donation, you may do so at the below link. All donations, great and small are greatly appreciated!


If you are looking for the connection between science and spirituality or are just a fan of quantum physics, cosmology or anything that ties us all together, check out Physicist Nassim Haramein and the Resonance Academy. PPA Director, Mark Keyes is a graduate of their Delegate Program in Unified Physics and highly recommends this course. Click the banner to learn more!

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Paranormal Resolution Network:

The PPA is proud to be working with several research and resolution based teams across the Commonwealth and country who have the same common goal of resolving paranormal issues for clients. This network was established to meet the growing number of requests for help we receive across the country and to assign the most appropriate team to respond in a more timely and helpful manner. If your team would be interested in joining our network and have the resources to go beyond the investigation to help resolve activity, we'd love to hear from you! Our current associates include:

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