The Pennsylvania Paranormal Association - Research and Investigation

The Pennsylvania Paranormal Association, located in Northeastern Pennsylvania, is here to respond to, and investigate, reports of paranormal activity and hauntings in Pennsylvania and abroad.

The PPA conducts investigations with absolutely no charge to the client. Our goal is to help those people in need, identify what type of activity is occurring in their home or business and to bring resolution to those cases using a credible, highly skilled psychic medium. Many people are legitimately scared and feel isolated and alone in this experience and we are here to try and ease those fears and put people in touch with similar individuals sharing the same feelings and experiences.

Something that sets The PPA apart from other paranormal groups is that many of the investigators who volunteer their time to research and investigate the paranormal are also prior or current professional criminal investigators in their daily occupations. This gives our group an outstanding investigative approach to how the investigations are conducted and how information and evidence are collected. Many clients also report a sense of security while having us come to their home or business and we understand that it can be uncomfortable and intrusive. We strive to be as little disruptive as possible.

Members of The PPA approach all reported hauntings with the utmost respect to our clients, as well as the spirits who may inhabit a location. Through the course of an investigation, it is our goal to further educate our clients on the paranormal and learn from each other with each unique experience. As part of our mission, we have created a family support network to put people experiencing paranormal or haunting activity in touch with one another to share experiences, get advice and talk about the day to day events that occur while living with these wanted or unwanted guests from the other side.

 If you believe that you may have paranormal activity occurring at your home or business and would like help finding answers, or just to have documentation of the activity and the opinion of an impartial group, please browse through the rest of our site, get to know us a bit and we would be glad to help in any way we can.

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