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Members of The PPA come from a variety of backgrounds, beliefs and religions. Based on their individual personal life experiences, each member brings to the group their own unique skills and perspectives on paranormal research and investigation. Some are skeptics, others are believers. To conduct the most accurate investigation possible, our members strive to remain unbiased on each case by leaving out personal views and beliefs and focusing on facts and evidence. Our findings can later be discussed with clients on how it relates to their own particular faith if requested.
Co-Founder | Director 

Mark's interest in the paranormal began in his pre-teenage years with a general fascination of all things supernatural and spiritual. Mark later graduated from Wilkes University with a psychology degree and is a former State Police Criminal Investigator, or "Detective" in Layman's terms.  This background has helped to develop how the PPA investigates cases, collects evidence and documents findings, while also taking a look at the psychology of a haunting.

Mark spends most of his free time hanging out with his wife and three daughters along with landscaping, traveling, website updates and studying Unified Physics.

Co-Founder | Administrative Director 

Lauren 's interest in the paranormal grew out of personal life experiences and a desire to learn more about this little known field. Her background as a licensed insurance agent and Realtor allows Lauren to assist the group with property background searches and historical research.

Lauren likes to travel in her spare time and spend time with her family. When she is not running from school functions to sporting events, Lauren can usually be found planning trips to Disney World. Lauren conducts most of the in-person interviews for The PPA and helps manage the on-site investigations.

Paulette became interested in the paranormal from a young age of 7 years old when she had a paranormal experience of her own. Since then, she has read many books on various subjects relating to the paranormal and continues her quest to learn more. Paulette often has the opportunity to talk with many people in her line of work and has shared many stories with many people who also have had experiences of their own.

Paulette spends most of her time with her family and friends and is very active in youth development programs. She also enjoys ice skating when time allows.


Hawk's interest in the paranormal began at an early age when he had some experiences that he couldn't explain. This led him to begin reading books on many paranormal subjects and later doing some investigating on his own. When Hawk had the opportunity to join The PPA, he jumped on it and has been a valuable resource since. Hawk also comes from a law enforcement background as an officer, instructor, private security contractor and overall superhero. His natural curiosity and questioning mind gives great insight on alternative explanations.

When Hawk is not at one of his several jobs, he loves to spend time with his family and friends and enjoys many outdoor activities.

Director of Historical Research

Kelly's interest in the paranormal began after moving into a home with unexplained activity and admits to being somewhat of a skeptic prior to the events.  After experiencing the haunting of her own home, Kelly requested help from the PPA. While working together with Kelly on her own case, the PPA learned of her background in historical research and later made her a part of the team. Kelly works as a reporter for a local newspaper which often allows her to tour and research historical locations.

Kelly enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and working on genealogy projects.

Psychic Medium | Investigator | Metaphysics Instructor

Virginia began to sense spirits around the age of two years old. With many years of developing and fine tuning her ability, Virginia began to professionally assist clients with her mediumship abilities. Virginia now has over 30 years of professional experience as a psychic medium and continues to help people with her work. Virginia teaches a variety of metaphysical subjects and lectures around the country. She has taught metaphysical topics in public school adult education programs for 7 years and meditation classes for over 20 years in the tri-state area.

When Virginia is on her own time, she can be found enjoying life with friends and family, working in her garden and taking care of animals in need.

Investigator | Historical Researcher

Stan’s paranormal experiences started at a young age; often talking to relatives of past events until they realized that these events happened long before his birth. As he grew older, Stan started having dreams of things that would happen. After years of trying not to acknowledge them, Stan has decided it was time to open up and learn what his dreams mean and how to better use them. Stan comes to us from the EMS field. He has been a volunteer for over 30 years with many of them spent as an EMT.

Stan enjoys studying the history of the Wyoming Valley area of Pennsylvania and telling, listening to or reading a good folk lore story.

Investigator | Historical Researcher

John has always had in interest in the paranormal and a keen interest in the history and explanation of possible reasons why these occurrences may be taking place. John has always been fascinated how various spiritual beliefs, individuals' backgrounds, and scientific theories combine to explain personal accounts by those who have claimed to have paranormal experiences. John believes in applying the scientific method to investigations of the paranormal to understand what could be actual experience and misconceptions. John has been a public educator for the last 12 years and is in the process of completing his master's degree in Education.

In his free time, John enjoys reading, writing, studying Astronomy and Psychology, playing basketball, cheering on the Phillies and living and dying with Notre Dame football. John also enjoys spending time with his family.

Investigator | Historical Researcher

Brian became interested in the paranormal at a very young age when he started having personal experiences that happened quite frequently and still continue today. This taught Brian to be open and accept what may be around him. Having grown up with these experiences, Brian can relate to what a client may be going through. Brian is a US Marine Veteran with an interest in Native American and Civil War history, old houses and everything that comes with them. He received a degree from Johnson College in Computer Information Technology and is employed as a Workstation Analyst for a large local company. 

In his free time, Brian enjoys spending time with his wife and son, traveling, camping, and skiing in Vermont.


Bob has years of experience investigating the paranormal. Being a prior director of his own paranormal team and managing a large ciber school program for students in his professional career, Bob has a great background in not only investigating but also in case management.  

Bob has organized many public paranormal fundraising events to help donate money to various organizations in need and is active in his church and community.

Psychic Medium 

Cheryl began to notice spirit around the age of 7 when she started to communicate with spirit guides.  She has been using her abilities to read energy professionally for over 5 years, assisting clients through spirit communication and empathic intuition.  Cheryl is an Intuitive Medium offering Akashic Record readings, gemstone readings, spiritual guidance and messages from loved one by phone, private parties and psychic galleries.

When not at work she enjoys spending time with family and friends, collecting gemstones, reading and being in the outdoors.


From as early as he can remember, Ed has had a healthy interest in the paranormal. He has had many experiences throughout the years that have intrigued him to pursue his fascination with all things paranormal. His inquisitive mind and attention to detail are extremely valuable assets to have.

Being a retired Pennsylvania State Trooper, Ed's investigative skills compliment the PPA's team of already skilled investigators. Ed  now uses his skills learned throughout his career to investigate and search for answers to the unexplained and the paranormal. His interest grows more daily. Kelly

Kelly has a naturally calm demeanor, is intuitive and believes in being open to the possibilities of all the things around us, not just what we can see or touch. Although she has always had a strong interest in events thought to be unexplainable, Kelly remains level-headed and always looks for a reasonable cause for an odd event before jumping to conclusions. She has strong troubleshooting and research skills and is extremely confident under pressure.

For the past 17 years, Kelly has worked with the State's correctional facilities, implementing and managing the inmate phone system. Michelle
Psychic Medium

Michelle is a spirit medium and author working in the paranormal field for almost a decade specializing in spirit resolution and home clearing. Michelle believes that everyone is born with some level of psychic ability but this journey started for her after a routine surgery in one of the most psychically active cities in the US - San Francisco, where she was later told that the surgeons had to "bring her back".  

In her free time, Michelle loves to read, in particular, Columbia University's History of Magic and Witchcraft and is currently studying exorcism. When she's not living in the paranormal world, Michelle loves being a mom and dancing with her daughter!


Investigator - In memory

Holly became interested in the paranormal from a young age.  She always believed that something exists beyond human understanding, and always wanted to know more about it. Holly was a high school teacher in a public school district and was involved in media and broadcasting.  A former Froggy 101 on-air personality, she more recently hosted "Race Talk Live with Kate Moss", was an afternoon DJ on NASH-FM and the host of "Northeast Current," airing on the ION network in Northeast and Central PA.

Holly unexpectedly passed away at home on Aug 4, 2015 due to diabetic complications and will be greatly missed.  "Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They'll simply mean I'll miss you , until we meet again."

K9  Investigator - In memory

Ben passed away in early 2014. He was our official team mascot and paranormal investigator. He was a specially trained police K-9 that was part of a PPA research project who assisted on certain cases. It is strongly believed that animals can sense the presence of spirits and other energies so we put Ben to the test. With his handler, Hawk, Ben has accompanied us on cases to see if he would "alert" with the presence of paranormal activity. We've had some great results! Ben was the first paranormal investigating K9 to ever be featured on national TV.

The PPA has counselors on staff (not shown here), including a certified EMDR Therapist specializing in emotional trauma resolution for severe cases and a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Psy.D for consultation and counseling on specific cases concerning psychic sensitivities, psyc consults and paranormal related stress in children.

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