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When the PPA is requested to conduct an investigation, whether it is at a residential home or commercial business, we begin by getting some initial information in the form of an online questionnaire. This questionnaire helps our team prepare for the investigation by gathering the type and extent of the activity that is occurring and allows us to properly schedule our investigators based on the size and location of the property to be investigated. This information also helps our investigators research the history of the property. All information provided to The PPA will remain confidential and personal information such as names, addresses or telephone numbers are never released. The PPA prioritizes cases that involve children who may be in apparent danger or distress.

Upon receiving and reviewing the completed questionnaire, The PPA will contact the client by email or phone to arrange an investigation date or to determine if an investigation is warranted or if the situation may require an alternate approach. Investigations are usually conducted over the weekend to accommodate client and investigator work schedules.  Often only one visit is required. Normally our investigations occur at night with set-up of equipment beginning around 6pm to 8pm and lasting anywhere from three to six hours after set up is complete. This is generally when most clients report activity occurring. We do, however, rely on the client to identify the “active” time periods when the unusual activity is taking place and conduct the investigation around those times, when possible. We ask that family members or occupants of a location be kept to a minimum during the time of an investigation to reduce contamination of audio and visual recordings due to noise and movement. We do not investigate while children (under 18) are present in the home. This policy has been established for safety and emotional well-being of the child and to help reduce noise contamination. If clients cannot remove children from the home for a particular reason, assistance may still be provided in other ways, but a physical investigation will not be conducted. The PPA also requires any pet dogs be removed from the location as well. Even the quietest dogs create too much noise contamination, interfering with the investigation.

After a brief tour of the property, our team begins to set up equipment and conduct additional interviews, if necessary. A command center is set up in the least active area of the property. Various environmental monitoring equipment may be set up, in stationary positions, around the property.  Infrared hand-held camcorders are also used as stationary video recorders or for going mobile with our investigators as they make sweeps through the property. We also carry digital audio recorders and try to interact with whatever presence may be there asking questions as we go in an attempt to get an audible response. The PPA will also use EMF meters to monitor electro-magnetic fields that are found throughout the location and to check for high levels of EMF’S. These fields are sometimes naturally occurring, man-made through items such as electric appliances or even paranormal and must be looked at to identify the source and resulting effects. Still photos with digital cameras and temperature measurements are also part of The PPA investigation.

Although we conduct a technical investigation, we are also accompanied by our psychic medium who can give a different perspective on what may be causing the activity. When our medium is present, we will have her conduct an initial walk-through of the residence or building and describe what she feels may be taking place, and in what areas, in lieu of the client pointing out the "Hot-Spots" to our team. No prior information is given to the psychic medium to help preserve the legitimacy of the information she provides. We make every effort to compare scientific or factual evidence we are able to document with any input from our psychic medium and then look at how it correlates to the reported activity. We never base the results of an investigation solely on psychic information, however, if a PPA investigation fails to produce any evidence for or against a haunting, we will not leave the client or the location unresolved. We are willing to help the family try to get any possible earthbound spirits to where they need to be through the abilities of the psychic medium.

After the physical investigation is complete, a comprehensive analysis of the recorded data is completed. This review period usually takes about one to two weeks depending on the type and length of investigation and is typically the longest part of the entire process. Our investigators spend many hours carefully reviewing each segment of recorded audio and video and if something is identified as "potentially paranormal", it is reviewed further to try and rule out any natural causes or human contamination that may have caused the event. We are so thorough to make sure we present the most accurate evidence we can, whether paranormal or not. Upon completion of the review portion of the investigation, the Director or Case Manager will meet with the clients and review all paranormal evidence discovered during the course of the investigation and/or natural sources discovered that may have caused the activity that was initially believed to be paranormal. For those cases, usually beyond an hour drive from The PPA office, The PPA has available means to conduct a review with the clients over the phone while sitting at a computer. Should the PPA feel the final review with the client is of a sensitive manner, steps may be taken to provide an in-person review. A copy of all evidence, along with historical documentation and further recommendations will be furnished to the client at this time. Any additional help with obtaining outside assistance that a client may request or require will be provided when possible.

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