The Pennsylvania Paranormal Association - Research and Investigation

Due to our current case load, The PPA is covering cases only within a two hour travel radius of the Factoryville, PA office. For cases outside that area, we often refer clients to one of our more local associate teams, if available, or advise them to locate a closer team.

If you are currently renting a property and need assistance, the landlord or property owner must be responsible for filling out the investigation request.  We will not investigate a property without the permission of the property owner.

The PPA is a volunteer organization in which our investigators do not get paid for their services. Because of the growing number of investigation/resolution requests we receive, it is becoming increasingly time consuming and expensive for us to cover all of those requests. Although we do not charge for an investigation, we kindly ask for a $35 donation, when possible, to help offset the cost of travel and other investigation expenses.  Additional donations we receive are greatly appreciated and go directly back into our organization to help other people.  

If you are experiencing unusual or unexplained activity or believe that you may have a haunting at your location and would like The PPA to investigate, please contact us by clicking on the below link.

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