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Q.  What do you charge for an investigation?

The PPA is a volunteer organization in which our investigators do not get paid for their services. Because of the growing number of investigation-resolution requests we receive, it is becoming increasingly time consuming and expensive for us to cover all of those requests.  Although we do not charge for an investigation, we kindly ask for a $35 donation  to help offset the cost of travel and other investigation expenses.  Any additional donations we recieve are greatly appreciated and go directly back into our organization to help other people.

Q.   I've never had an investigation before, what can I expect?

To find out more about what we do when we come in to your home or business, please look at "Our Methods" page for an overview of our procedures.

Q.   How long does an investigation take?

An investigation takes about 4 to 8 hours depending on the type of investigation, size of the location and number of days the investigation is conducted over. It usually takes about an hour and a half to two hours to get completely set up to investigate. The physical investigation then takes about 4 to 6 hours on each night scheduled.

Q.   After the investigation, how long will it take to find out the results?

After the investigation has been completed, our investigators spend about a week and a half reviewing all the recorded data. Anything potentially paranormal is analyzed further. We usually have our findings and a copy of any paranormal evidence, if found, back to the client in about two weeks from the date of the investigation. Any psychic findings will be provided at the end of the night.

Q.   Why do you investigate in the dark?

We at The PPA believe that paranormal activity is occurring at all times of the day. We do, however, depend on our clients to tell us when the highest period of activity is occurring. Most clients relate that activity is occurring after dark. We believe this is because most locations are settling down at night and people are more aware of their surroundings. A house or business tends to be much quieter at night and unusual activity is noticed more. The infrared equipment we utilize also must be used in the dark. Infrared is a light spectrum that the human eye can't see but it's necessary to have the lights off for the use of that equipment. When clients report a high activity period during the day, that is when we conduct our investigations. Because most people work during the day, clients that report activity in their home aren't often aware if activity is occurring there during the day, so again, we investigate around the clients reports to us.  Additionally, turning off the lights, along with other electric equipment, reduces electric current flow throughout a building which, in turn, reduces 60Hz EMF that sensitive recording equipment can pick up.

Q.   How can I join your group?

We currently are not accepting any new members. We have chosen to keep a limited number of staff in order have a small group of well trained and well experienced investigators. We have found that keeping the size of the group smaller helps the team run more efficiently, and ultimately enables us to provide better quality investigations for our clients.

Q.   How far do you travel?
With our appearances on several television series, requests for investigations come in from all over the United States. In order to accommodate those requests, we have implemented some policies to meet the growing number of cases we are receiving. The PPA is currently covering cases only within a two hour travel radius of the Factoryville, PA office that we consider our home coverage area. For cases outside that area, we often refer clients to one of our more local associate teams we work with, if available, or advise them locate a closer team.

Do you investigate with Psychics?

As part of The Pennsylvania Paranormal Association research project, a psychic medium may be present during the investigation. Our goal is to take information provided by the psychic medium and compare it against information provided by the client, evidence gathered through the investigation and/or historical facts, when available, to establish any correlation between psychic information and factual events. If the psychic medium believes there may be an Earthbound spirit or entity at the location, the psychic medium will request to do a “clearing” or “release of spirit” at the location to assist the spirit or entity when possible. For those clients specifically requesting a spirit or entity be removed, all attempts will be made to reach this goal but no promises or guarantees can be made. Any information gained through the use of a psychic medium is strictly at the discretion of the recipient to accept as fact, or reject in part or whole, and is to be considered in conjuction with the investigation being conducted. Information obtained through a psychic medium is interpreted in the psychic's medium's frame of reference as applied to the person or location being read, and therefore, can never be 100% accurate.

Q.   Aren't you afraid something will follow you home?

No! Being afraid that something will follow you home opens up the possibility that it can. By thinking that it is not possible closes the door on that happening. Easier said than done though! Because our investigators come from a variety of backgrounds and religious beliefs, we all have our own view on this. Some of our investigators choose to take protective measures by wearing a religious pendant of their faith or by saying a prayer. Others will do some psychic self-defense techniques. But we all try to put the possibility of that happening out of our minds to stop it from happening.

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