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Welcome to the PPA's new blog! We are currently under development but new topics are being added. Here you will find topics covering, but not limited to, the metaphysical, supernatural, spiritual, holistic and of course, the paranormal! With the vast pool of knowledge and experience our investigators, and others, have gained over many years, we thought this would be a great place to share some of the things we've learned and found helpful, or not, for our clients and our members while dealing with a variety of out of the ordinary situations. Although we may have more experience than the average person in some of these areas, we are all on the same path of learning and each new experience brings new insights into a much larger world than we normally think of. Whether you are a novice or professional in this field, we're happy to share some of these insights with you and hope that you find them helpful!

Check out a great listing of metaphysical and paranormal books from guests who've appeared on the PPA's Paranormal Science radio show.
Books are frequently being added so check back for more listings!

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